Business Aviation

Serve customers with direct leasing and after-sales leaseback of business aircraft at home and abroad,
and provide diversified services in purchase consultation, agent purchase, tax planning, aircraft management, asset management, residual value processing, etc.
as well as solutions to business jet financing in the whole industry chain.
  • Business jet fleet sizes 119
  • Greater China market share exceeds 70%
  • Business jets are traded in total more than 250
  • Helicopters and fixed wing navigable aircraft are traded in total nearly 90

As of April 2021, the size of the business aircraft fleet is about 119.

Taking the lead in opening up “blue ocean” of business aviation in China, the brand of "Minsheng business aviation" has a great influence worldwide.

It has become the largest business airline in Asia and plays an important role in global business aviation market, accounting for more than 70% of the market share of business aviation in Greater China.

It cooperates with world top public service mechanism manufacturers and financing institutions to provide professional services for customers. For years, more than 250 business jets and nearly 90 helicopters and fixed wing navigable aircraft are traded.

  • · Integrate the whole industry chains by financial means, build a platform for China's business jet industry, set up a complete channel among manufacturers, customers and suppliers and quickly meet actual needs of business jet market.
  • · Based on financing, promote rapid, systematic and complete development and upgrade of business aircraft trading, management and service system, and provide customers with more objective, convenient and safe services.
  • · Purchase business aircraft in batches in advance for fully competitive aircraft prices, seats, payment terms and after-sales service.
  • Business jet whole industry chain service

    Diversified and professional services in the whole process, such as business aircraft purchase consultation, agency purchase, fiscal and tax planning, management consultation, aircraft introduction, asset management, residual value disposal, etc.

  • Flexible supporting financial leasing mode

    Business aviation business is carried out through bonded area project companies with the nature of “outside the customs”, and overseas business in offshore business mode

  • Cost advantage

    MSFL established a strategic cooperative alliance with world mainstream manufacturers of business aircraft and helicopter to obtain earlier seats, lower prices, high-quality after-sales service and other preferential conditions. Professional tax planning can be provided to avoid paying lumpsum full import tax and realize instalment payment of tax according to rent.

  • Financing advantages

    Provide large amount of financing support to solve capital problem of aircraft asset purchase for lessees.

  • Asset package transaction

    MSFL purchases assets with leases from other leasing companies or sells its own assets with leases to other leasing companies.

  • Asset package transaction

    MSFL purchases assets with leases from other leasing companies or sells its own assets with lease contracts to other leasing companies.

  1. Culfstream
  2. Dassault
  3. Bombardier